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These are our current project areas. Use the Google Map to zoom in for more details.

Sorrento/Marmion AreaWork began in 2000 at Sorrento, revegetating almost one km of extremely degraded dunes between Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club (MAAC) and the Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club. The project has removed countless weeds of some 30 weed species and replanted a similar number of native coastal plant species. It has involved thousands of volunteer hours, many corporate service days, schools, Conservation Volunteers Australia, bush regeneration contractors (using Coastwest and City of Joondalup grant funding) and attendance by City of Joondalup staff. So far, approximately 28,500 coastal seedlings have been planted with an average survival rate of 85%. A large amount of litter has also been removed, including marine debris off the beach. But most of the work undertaken has been environmental weeding.Much of the initial project area has now been returned to a natural coastal ecosystem, with some parts still to be completed. In 2012 the project area was extended north to the Hillarys Boat Harbour and in 2013, south of the MAAC into the steep rocky slopes of the Marmion Coastal Reserve. In 2015, the project was extended further south to Beach Rd in Marmion, so the project now stretches over 2.5 km of foreshore. It now covers 8.1 ha in total. Voluntary work is done on the site every Thursday morning, and some Saturdays during winter and spring.The aim is to get the whole project area back into "excellent" condition.


Iluka Area

Work at Iluka began in 2005, to revegetate weed-infested areas between the areas of rich coastal heath. In 2019, projects cover over 20 ha of bushland. A Coastwest grant pays for a bush regeneration contractor to carry out heavy weeding and volunteers weed twice monthly. The invasive bulb Cape Tulip is being contractor weeded in the rich bushland along an invasion front of one km, using funding from State NRM Program funding and City of Joondalup grants, and volunteer weeding and mapping.


Mullaloo Area

Work at Mullaloo began in 2006, and in 2018 is extending almost the entire length of the beach, north of the Surf Club. In 2018 the project area covers 16 ha in total.